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SDS Sea Water Pumps 90dB(A) reduced to 78dB(A)

This video demonstrates how Sound Dead Steel solved noise issues on four sea water absorber pumps located at a coal fired power station in Ireland. SDS had previously supplied Sonphonon™ steel to the pump manufacturer on other projects, so when noise issues were reported by the power station SDS were commissioned to solve the problem. The initial survey showed that both the motor and the pump were contributing to the noise, there was a debate between the motor and pump manufacturers regarding who's components were making the noise.

We initially clad the motor with an acoustic cowl designed by the Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre (, this reduced the original 90dB(A) to 83dB(A) and removed the irritating screeching tone at 3470Hz.

Next we clad the pump mounting frame with SDS which reduced the noise level to 78dB(A), this exceeded the customers requirements by 4dB(A).

A reduction of 12dB(A) is a 93% reduction in the sound pressure level.